Paese - Self Glow Highlighter 6,5 g

Paese - Self Glow Highlighter 6,5 g

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A highlighter that blends into the skin and gives it an incredible glow. Thanks to the back injection* method, we''ve encapsulated even more fine pearls in the product to give a glamorous effect without leaving a powdery film on the skin.
The combination of two champagne shades and a wet/dry application formula offers more possibilities. You can achieve a natural, silky glow or an impressive taffeta effect. Use on the face and body.
The addition of blackcurrant seed oil encapsulated in nanostructures provides skincare.

PRO TIP: For a trendy glossy skin effect, apply the highlighter with a wet sponge before foundation application.

*The back injection method is an innovative technological process of manufacturing pressed products. First, we prepare a liquid mixture with all the pigments retained in it. Next, it is injected into a plastic bowl and evaporated so that even the finest and most delicate pigments remain in the product. This process results in extremely fine formulas that are easier to apply, have a lighter texture, and last longer.

How to use:
  • Apply it to the top of the cheekbones, forming a 'C' shape, aiming towards the temples and brow arch.
  • For the full glow effect, apply it to cheekbones, bridge of the nose, corners of the eyes, neckline, and anywhere you like.