GLOV - Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask
GLOV - Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask

GLOV - Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask

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Mask without mask effect. You will simply enjoy the natural look of your hair without over-styling it to make it look "original". 

How do we know this?

  • The intelligent active ingredient Kerastore 2.0 penetrates the damaged part of the hair and regenerates it where it is most needed. Clever, right? 
  • The oil complex of Vitaoils Plus increases the elasticity of the hair, takes care of hydration and prevents hair loss. You are a hair from the thick locks! 
  • The Pro Condition 22 vegetable conditioner is a real sensation - it is completely natural (unlike conditioners in other cosmetics of this type). As a result, it does not overburden the hair or electrify it. On the other hand, it gives them a beautiful shine and facilitates detangling. Forget about painful tugging! 
  • The Hair Harmony mask works effectively for all hair types , regardless of their type, length or porosity. Why should we choose?
  • The herbal scent soothes and relaxes before use. First, unscrew it, smell it, then apply it to your hair and make it your mini-ritual!

The combination of the power flowing from nature with the latest technology provides care that you will love from the very first opening of the tube!