GLOV Ionic Dry Body Brush
GLOV Ionic Dry Body Brush

GLOV Ionic Dry Body Brush

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3 minutes every day is enough to feel better and change your body! Meet our ionizing massage brush that uses the power of science to your advantage. Technology is always moving forward - and GLOV with it!

  • The ionizing brush by GLOV helps to generate anions with a molecular structure that stabilize the energy bill.
  • Thanks to them, your body is full of vitality and good humor! Regular brushing firms and tones the skin, and also helps to fight cellulite.
  • The brush exfoliates dead skin cells and smoothes out better than a luxurious peeling.
  • Massage improves lymph circulation, so your skin acquires a natural, healthy color.
  • The ionizing brush strengthens the body's defenses, which positively affects your immune system.

The ionizing body massage brush offers relaxation that you can indulge in in your own four corners. Take a deep breath, relax, just be - here and now!

Good to know:

  • use every morning and evening for the best effect
  • ingredients: beech wood, brown fiber, horsehair
  • suitable for all skin types, excluding problematic skin (e.g. atopic or with inflammatory lesions)

How to use:

  1. Perform a massage with a brush with gentle, sliding movements from the bottom towards the heart.
  2. On your stomach, opt for gentle, circular movements in a clockwise direction.
  3. The massage will be a great preparationfor a shower or bath.
  4. Apply your favourite body lotion or oil.