Mini-makeup corrector GLOV Quick Treat.

Mini-makeup corrector GLOV Quick Treat.

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Wash off any mascara stains or smudged lipstick without ruining the entire makeup!
What should you know about glove for makeup correction?

GLOV Quick Treat will be perfect for quick correction during makeup. The line with eyeliner went crookedly? The color of the lipstick does not match the eye shadow? Wet the Quick Treat with water and gently remove the unwanted makeup element without ruining the larger surface. Its shape guarantees that it will fit into every woman's handbag.
Additional informations

The product is safe for all skin types, it is hypoallergenic. Available in Ivory, Bouncy Blue, Party Pink, Cheeky Peach, Cozy Rosie, Very Berry and Glam Gray. Handwash only.

80% polyester, 20% polyamide.