Past Boxes

What did our customers received the last 3 months?

December Box!!!

What a box... We have created this box with soo much looove and we invested lots of effort (and money) so that all these luxurious products arrive at your hands!

Hope that everyone enjoyed the combination of the products selected!

January Box!!!

Another cool box created during the lockdown period! Relaxing and take care of your self at home products. Those Sleeping masks from Glov definitely takes the sleeping experience to another level. Don't you agree?

Revlon Mascara is always a must have product in any Beauty Arsenal. Seacret sheet masks are definitely the most awesome product (wish we could include it in every single box) and finally the MAC  Brush Cleanser is a unique and magical Cleanser for your valuable brushes - use it, don't be lazy!!!


February Box!!!

Oh my goodness.. One of the most heavy boxes we have ever created over the last 2 years!! Although that cute Seaweed soap was light as a feather that Mind blowing Body Mud from Seacret was the king of our Box. Can't deny that Anatomicals Body lotion smells from miles away!! Bellapierre palettes are always to fall in love and the best seller product from Revlon was wooohooo...